Fiber Optic Solution

Since over 30 years ago first fiber optic data cable installed and applied for commercial wise, now, with the improvement of fiber optic technique, and also the competitive cost of the complete range of optic devices, to fulfill the high speed data network & telecommunication, definitely will be on its duty.

Fiber Optic Solution

Optic Fiber-

Made by the most common substance, silicon dioxide (SiO2), in complete core diameter 9um - single mode, 62.5um - OM1, 50um – OM2/OM3, and with 125um refraction cladding, to afford light signal transmission supports long distance and high speed data network & telecommunication.


To use the light to transmit the signals from one place to another place over optic fiber, is due to the light propagates through the fiber with little attenuation also immune to electromagnetic interference. These advantages also contribute to fiber optic development and practical application.

Wide Area Network-

Since the beginning of fiber optic application, it’s more often to use single mode fiber optic cable to support long distance telecommunication & data network, this is more called classical WAN – wide area network. The fiber optic cable normally could be placed in outdoor conduits or directly aerial installation.
KAYLR WAN fiber optic systems provides two installation types and customize various cable constructions on your special requirements for dedicated condition use, like ADSS- for where electrical shock happens often; Figure 8 outdoor aerial cable for the place where has heavy wind or ice weather and etc. KAYLR also provides outdoor accessories like splice closures, available for aerial, direct ground buried and duct installation purpose.    

Local Area Network-

In most classical premise cabling, SM or MM fiber optic cables more used as backbone cabling, and converts the optical signals to electrical signals to the end subscriber through the corresponding copper communication cables. It’s also available for the place where distance over 100 meters not available for copper cables.  
Regarding to the pure fiber optic cabling system, with the PON- passive optical network system develop, like IEEE E-PON, ITU G-PON, the one point to multipoint network. Also the extension base on above systems and protocol comes with FTTX applications which depend on the ONU location. KAYLR LAN fiber optic systems provides different type cables to fulfill these fiber optic solutions, especially the FTTH cable series, with customer’s choice on normal G652D fibers, or G657A low bending loss fiber for complex corner-bending situation. KAYLR is capable to provide you all types’ high quality and reliable fiber optic cables.    


KAYLR solution includes a full range of optic devices, fiber optic cables, and also the accessories like pigtails, patch cords, adapters and different type’s terminal boxes. KAYLR has complete ranges of these components with low attenuation loss control, combines with fiber optic cables, support the complete channel with good headroom margin.