Flexible Consolidation Point Cable

  • Flexible Patch cable 
  • RJ45 plug to Keystone Jack 
  • Optional Keystone upon choice
  • Factory Terminated and Tested
  • Available length 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m
  • Test service and results attached

Flexible consolidation point cables are popular in horizontal cabling system, its featured characteristic – Easy and Fast Deployment – is realized by professional IT staff, and they apply it many occasions and places.

  • ZDA to EDA in datacenter 
  • Open Office easy and quick expanding nodes  
  • Extensions in Horizontal cabling

KAYLR offering optional CP cable covering:

  • Cat.5e Giga CP, unshielded and shielded 
  • Cat.6 Giga CP, unshielded and shielded 
  • Cat.6A 10G CP, Shielded
  • Cat.6A 10G Class EA CP cable, shielded


High Performance Class EA 10G CP for Datacenter Application 

  • Cat. 6A Module, ISO/IEC 11801 AMD2:2010-04 compliant 
  • Slim Design gains the module fitting with all kinds of modular outlet/panel
  • Short Link 3 Connectors ISO 11801 Permanent Link Tested
  • Higher Performance Guarantees high data traffic and even expanding
  • 100% Test and Report Attached, Quality Assured and Easy Indicate 
  • For Datacenter Horizontal Crossconnect fast jumper to Inter-crossconnect
  • Fast Deployment for expanding and maintenance

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