Outdoor Metal Free FTTH Distribution cable

KAYLR Outdoor metal Free FTTH Distribution Cable has an excellent water resistance performance and its "Dry Core" design makes installation very comfortable and easy:



  •    ITU-G652D fibers in use, OS2 grading after cabled (att. <0.4dB @ 1310nm/1550nm)
  •   2cores per tube design, ideal for FTTx 1:8,1:16, 2:16 or 2:32 fiber channels distribution

  •   Double water-proof members, excellent water resistance performance
  •   User friendly “Dry Core” design, for comfortable and easy installation 
  •   Outer diameter 10.8mm available fits with ODN access holes 
  •   Metal free construction could install with exist utility, like power lines 
  •   MM cores available upon request



Ideal design for FTTx distribution, also pop in    

  •    Outdoor and Indoor environment  
  •   Campus Backbone Aerial Cabling 
  •   All computer network FDDI, ATM and Ethernet application 
  •   LSOH sheathed available for premises backbone




  •   Storage temp. -400C ~ 700C 
  •   Operation temp. -400C ~ 700C 
  •  Installation temp. -200C ~ 500C 
  •  Max. tensile, 1000N 
  •  Bending radius with loading, 10.8cm


Comfortabel and Easy Operation Experience!





No Filling Jelly Contamination!


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